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  • Hebden Bridge and Todmorden Bus Review Outcome

    Following extensive consultation last year the revised Hebden Bridge Minibus Network was introduced on 26 January 2014.   

    How will the Hebden Bridger Services change?

    During the summer, Metro consulted on a revised set of routes and timetables for the Hebden Bridger network in anticipation of First withdrawing services 591 and 593. Metro also sought to improve rail connections and to coordinate the Hebden Bridger services with Metro-funded services 500 (to Keighley) and 900 / 901 (to Huddersfield).


    The revised minibus routes are now numbered 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 901.

    Timetables can be found on the following page


    Who provides the Minibus services?

    From 26 January 2014, TLC Travel Ltd operate the Hebden Bridger and Todmorden local bus services under contract to Metro. TLC Travel Ltd is a Bradford based company who currently operate a range of services under contract with Metro. The company have opened a depot in the Upper Calder Valley.

    What vehicles are being used?

    TLC Travel Ltd have provided a fleet of new “Optare Solo” buses, effectively the same type and size of bus which used to operate the minibus network. The buses are fully accessible and low floor. 

    What do First operate?
    First now operate every 10 minutes between Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Halifax during the daytimes. The company has completely withdrawn services 591 and 593 from Hebden Bridge to Heptonstall and Old Town respectively. Buses along the valley floor will be numbered 590 and 592. There will continue to be an hourly service to Rochdale and Burnley. New single deck vehicles have been introduced on service 590.

    What about fares and ticketing? 

    New tickets are available (as well as the existing full range of Metro tickets and English National Concessionary Passes).


    The maximum single fare on the TLC operated minibus services is only £1.75, with £2.50 (all day) and £10 (all week) tickets available on both their Hebden Bridge and Todmorden networks. TLC will accept valid extended travel tickets from other local operators  on payment of a 75p supplement per journey. Weekly and monthly tickets from other operators will be accepted without charge until Sunday 2 February (weekly) or Sunday 23 February (monthly).


    First and TLC offer a £3 single through ticket to Halifax for fare paying passengers travelling from either Heptonstall or Old Town (or passengers can purchase a £5.40 all operator Metro Day ticket). Return rail fares are also available between Hebden Bridge and Halifax, with many journeys now connecting with train services. 

    Are any more changes proposed?

    Since the new services were introduced on 26 January 2014 Metro has received a steady stream of positive responses to the changes. Passengers like the new buses, clean buses, friendly drivers, lower fares and on the whole the new routes. The evidence of this is that in the fourth week of operation passenger numbers grew by 17% over the first week.  


    Notwithstanding this very positive response and impressive passenger growth, a number of issues have been raised as a result of the changes and we are making some amends to the timetables from 27 April 2014.


    Service 595 (Hebden Bridge - Dodd Naze - Old Town - Crimsworth) 

    Revision of service 595 Monday - Saturday pm after 19.30 and Sunday pm after 18.30 to reinstate a service at these times via Keighley Road. All journeys will operate in the form of an anti-clockwise 'loop' via Dodd Naze, Old Town, Pecket Well, Crimsworth and Keighley Road as Service 594, in effect reinstating the B service than ran weekday evenings until April 2013.


    The new timetable can be found on the following page.

    Service 594 timetable from 27 April 2014 (opens in a new window)

    06.21 Monday - Friday Service 595 from Crimsworth Turning Circle to start at 06.25 at the junction of Keighley Road and Akroyd Lane - to compensate for earlier start on service 596 (explained below).


    The new timetable can be found on the following page.


    Service 595 timetable from 27 April 2014 (opens as new window)


    Service 596 (Hebden Bridge - Heptonstall - Blackshaw Head) 


    All journey times on Service 596 will be amended by adding 2 minutes between Heptonstall and Blackshaw Head and removing 2 minutes between Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge.


    06.35 Monday - Friday Service 596 from Blackshaw Head to run 10 minutes earlier throughout  - this meets requests to connect with the 06.52 Manchester train.


    Service 596 to be registered as 'Hail and Ride' on High Court, Slack as requested.


    The new timetable can be found on the following page.


    Service 596 timetable from April 2014  (opens as new window)


    Service 597 (Hebden Bridge - Mytholmroyd - Banksfield - Nest Estate)


    Unfortunately the service will be withdrawn from Elphin Court on road safety grounds.


    The new timetable can be found on the following page.


    Service 597 timetable from April 2014 (opens as new window)

    Encouraging local businesses to support bus services in Hebden Bridge.

    Metro is currently campaigning to encourage local businesses to become 'pro-public transport' and demonstrate that they are 'supporting Hebden Bridge bus service'. 


    If you are interested in joining the campaign please see details on the following page.


    Hebden Bridge Promotion Leaflet  (opens as new window). 


    Please email busconsultation@westyorks-ca.gov.uk with your comments.

    What will happen In Todmorden?

    The Monday - Saturday daytime and evening minibus network continues to operate. However, in order to offer better value for money, Sunday service T9 has been withdrawn and service T1 has been reduced in frequency on Sunday daytime from half-hourly to hourly. Early Saturday morning timetables have been revised with some poorly used journeys withdrawn whilst some evening and Sunday journeys will no longer operate via Todmorden Railway station.

    The T1 - T8 timetables can be found on the following page


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